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High Trust Master Class

Summerlin, Nevada

High Trust Sales Academy Master Class is the newest curriculum designed and presented by sales entrepreneur and game-changing industry teacher, Todd Duncan. Master Class is the next step for serious sales leaders, originators, and their teams who desire to build a scalable, sustainable and saleable business.

  • Master your daily productivity.
  • Perfect your sales presentations.
  • Make your marketing stick.
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Sessions Overview

Here are just some of the incredible sessions you will experience
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360° Productivity Diagnostic

“The 360° Productivity Diagnostic in the first two-hours of the event was worth at least $500,000 in added annual income. Unbelievable stuff!”
Marty Preston – Benchmark Mortgage

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Insane Productivity

#1 The Million-Dollar Question #2 The Number One Job of a Business #3 Referral by Design™ #4 The Rule of 3 #5 360° Productivity #6 Supercharging the 80/20 Rule

Powerful Performance

Profit Curves

#1: Time and Productivity #2: Relationships #3: Profits #4: Loan Officer Productivity #5: Marketing and Advertising #6: Employees and Team #7: Database #8: Sales Skills

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Needle Movers

#1: Come Hell or High Water #2: Cone of Silence #3: One Thing Thinking #4: The 5-Minute Rule #5: JAM it home!

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Roundtable Discussions

You have captured the ideas and strategies but they need to become personalized and fleshed out. This session is dedicated to role-play and collabarating to sharpen your unique approach to becoming a High Trust Originator.

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Sales and Marketing - Intro

1. Run The Numbers 2. The Three C’s Of Sales 3. Creating Sizzling USPs 4. Create “High Octane” Value

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Sales and Marketing - Going Deep

1. Going Deep And Then Deeper 2. Define The Perfect Client Or Die 3. Going Deep With Partners 4. Going Deep With Borrowers 5. Lost Leads Conversation

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Sales and Marketing - Multiply and Close

1. 4x Lead Generation 2. Weekly Discipline Of Lead Generation 3. Conversation Game Changers 4. Game Changing Words 5. The Ultimate Borrower Experience 6. The Monster Move

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Linda Davidson Branch Manager & Sr Originator, Service First Mortgage

"Unbelievable! After 18 years in the business with growth and systems as part of our culture, I was shocked at how much we have “left on the table” after going through this class. Todd’s High Trust Sales Academy Master Class is a must for those who want to play at the highest level."

Brian Bomar Sr VP/Regional Sales Manager, Cornerstone Home Lending

"High Trust Sales Academy Master Class is for those who truly desire to be the best at their craft. The Master Class will thoroughly challenge you to take your business to a level you wouldn’t even think is possible, and help you build a roadmap to achieve that success."

Denise Donoghue Service First Mortgage

“I was skeptical of the promises but I went anyway. Because of the Academy, I went from 34 loans funded in 2012 to 152 loans funded in 2014 and I am on pace for 180 funded loans this year and I’m not working any extra hours. It works!”

Marty Preston Benchmark Mortgage

“The 360° Productivity Diagnostic in the first two-hours of the event was worth at least $500,000 in added annual income. Unbelievable stuff!”

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